Spherical Osteotomy

Hinge JointDome osteotomy has been a misnomer for decades in orthopedic surgery. The term has been used to refer to crescentic, barrel vault, or part cylindrically shaped osteotomies. The crescentic blade or similar pattern drill methods create osteotomies that function like a hinge joint with only two degrees of freedom - one rotational and one translational degree of freedom.

The field of orthopedic surgery dealing with angular deformity correction and corrective osteotomy has lacked a simple, economical, and accurate method and corresponding device to accomplish a true Spherical Osteotomy (SO). That is until now. We have spent a decade to develop an accurate, predictable device and method to perform precise spherical osteotomies using the 3D CORA.

The DomeSaw® with the Spherical Osteotomy method creates an osteotomy that follows the principles of a universal ball and socket joint, resulting in matching spherical dome (concave and convex) surfaces, that allow surgeons to correct complex deformities involving malalignment and malorientation by rotating about each axis, enabling correction with three rotational degrees of freedom, and unlimited adjustability - rotate and swivel from side to side in any direction.

Ball and Socket JointAxis

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