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A spherical oscillating blade used together with the:
Spherical Osteotomy Method

open up possibilities that previously didn't exist for easy, fast, and accurate correction of angular deformities without the need for external fixation devices. Using 3D imaging and reference points from the 3D CORA, the surgeon is able to plan the surgery, produce a solid model, practice, and select the best implant before the actual procedure.

The DomeSaw® width can be matched with bone sizes for any given orthopedic procedure. Please let us know about your needs.


Currently there are four different sizes available in two different optimized configurations: 12 mm, 18 mm, 24 mm, and 30 mm.



  • Made of a surgical stainless steel carbide alloy for exceptional rigidity, strength, hardness, cutting edge sharpness, and repeat sterilization
  • Each blade is manufactured using a single piece of stainless steel, no seems or no welds for homogeneous alloy structure
  • Cuts 3D laser-verified true spherical shape
  • It is self-guiding and balanced to withstand very high oscillating RPMs
  • It will not wedge and it is designed to minimize thermal damage to the bone and surrounding soft tissue


DomeSaw® size selection – blade size should closely match the bone diameter.

12 mm 18 mm

DomeSaw® 12 mm

DomeSaw® 18 mm

24 mm 30 mm

DomeSaw® 24 mm


DomeSaw® 30 mm